recipe index

potato andouille breakfast dish
homemade applesauce
ms apple cheddar crostata
broiled asparagus *
sk's shaved asparagus pizza *
avacado dipping sauce *

bacon-wrapped dates
bacon-wrapped, goat cheese-stuffed jalapenos
baingan ka bharta: bachelor style (Indian eggplant dish) *
simple banana pudding
simple barbecue chicken (really simple)
grilled beef tenderloin w fresh herbs
JOC black bean "salsa" *
black forest cake
blood orange vinaigrette
streuseled blueberry muffins
roasted bone marrow
blue cheese bacon burgers
honey wheat bread
baked brie surprise *
better broccoli casserole
broccoli slaw w buttermilk dressing
from-scratch brownies
sauteed brussels sprouts w chorizo
homemade butter

candied orange peel
Eileen's carrot-cilantro gazpacho *
soulemama's carrot-tomato soup *
cheddar scallion biscuits *
apple and goat cheese stuffed chicken breasts
authentic chicken curry
chicken masala
mom's chicken noodle soup
lemon thyme roasted chicken-- in clay!
vegetarian chili *
molten chocolate cake w raspberry liquor sauce
red velvet chocolate chip cookies
southern-style collard greens
sexy honey cornbread *
southern party cornbread *
cowboy caviar *
mandi & paula's crab cakes
whole wheat cranberry muffins
Indian cutlets *

indian dal (lentils) *
dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves)

mini egg casseroles on-the-fly
steamed eggs nestled in a bed of greens *
chili's southwest eggrolls

herb roasted white fish with spring vegetables
french onion soup *
southern-style fried chicken
fried green beans *
fried pickles

roasted garlic garbanzo beans w feta *
JOC's german potato salad
turkey gravy
greek quiche *
fried green beans *
grilled gorgonzola and honey on whole wheat *
grilled pecornio and fontina w sage butter *
grilled prosciutto, basil and smoked mozarella on crusty italian *
grilled vermont cheddar w apple and ham
grown-up sundae

baked haddock
hibiscus limeade
spiced chocolate and orange hot cross buns
htipiti (spicy feta spread) *



baked kale chips *

sk's leeks and bleu cheese toasts *
lemon balsamic salad dressing
lemon cranberry scones
lemon sage butter
lettuce wraps

mac & cheese, ADHD style *
donna's famous macaroni & cheese *
roasted vegetable macaroni and cheese *
white truffle mac & cheese
candied maple pumpkin seeds
the best margarita
homemade marshmallows
mexican chicken corn chowder
Strawberry-Mint Mojito
sweet mulled wine
mushroom bruschetta
great depression mushrooms *
sk's stuffed mushrooms *

nectarine salsa *

candied orange peel
orange chocolate torte (w scotch)
orange zest cookies w chocolate drizzle

papoutsakia (little shoes)
stuffed poblano peppers
mediterranian pasta in white wine sauce
pasta puttanesca (whore food)
bourbon pecan pie
paula dean's peach cobbler
peanut butter pie
spicy peanut noodles
pear upside-down cake
apple & goat cheese flatbread pizza *
pw's potato leek pizza
spicy sausage & pecorino flatbread pizza
pizza dough
whole wheat basil pizza dough
plushnuggets (banana-filled pastries)
raspberry merlot pork tenderloin
portobello burgers *
potato andouille breakfast dish
ugly potato mushroom soup *
potato leek soup
JOC's german potato salad
potato salad! *
sk's bourbon pumpkin cheesecake
chocolate chip pumpkin cake
pumpkin pie
pumpkin scones

greek quiche *
spinach & bacon quiche

red velvet chocolate chip cookies
roasted root vegetables w harvest grains *

summer salad on a mushroom cap *
roasted salmon w whole grain mustard crust
salted caramel
sandwich of the year
sausage casserole
seared scallops
white wine seared scallops w pan sauce
caramelized shallots w walnuts
lemon cranberry scones
pumpkin scones
mom's chicken noodle soup
french onion soup *
homemade tomato soup *
ugly potato mushroom soup *
spaghetti alle vongole (spaghetti with clams)
sk's baked spinach
steak in a skillet
hearty winter stew *
strawberry and avacado salad w honey vinaigrette dressing *
strawberry-mint summer cocktail
stuffed shells *
apple and sausage cornbread stuffing
fennel and apricot stuffing *
jalapeno and cheddar stuffing *
sausage and sage stuffing

homemade taco seasoning 
homemade tomato sauce *
homemade tomato soup *
turkey pot pie
turkey stock
tuscan bean & escarole soup *
tzaziki (cucumber & greek yogurt dip) *


fresh vegetable pasta w lemon basil cream sauce *
roasted root vegetables *
vegetarian chili *

watergate salad *
watermelon-vodka cooler