Saturday, August 13, 2011

Red Meat.

Last night, I had every intention of making something nice and lady-like, like a chicken pot pie. But I got to Star Market, the Sirloins were calling to me, and I am not one to ignore magical talking meats. I've never cooked a steak by myself before, nor do I own a grill, so I knew this would be a challenge.

Sanne has a couple of cast-iron skillets, so I decided to use one instead of that cheap Ikea grill pan (no offense, Ikea). I couldn't risk ruining this beautiful steak.

I found a recipe in my Pioneer Woman cookbook that told me for a medium-rare steak, all I had to do was cook it over medium-high heat for about 4-5 minutes each side. I marinaded it in some soy sauce, garlic, s+p for a bit, tossed a few tablespoons of butter in my pan and went to town.

I also baked some asparagus and sweet potatoes in s+p and olive oil.

Oh yeah, and I caramelized some onions. <3

hello gorgeous

I'd say I did a pretty swell job of it, wouldn't you? 

Today I had a quick breakfast, then went with Rajiv to Target to stock up on some supplies for our Indian Party tonight. That's right, 9 Indians + me in our teeny apartment. Sujoy is going to bring something special for me to cook. Who's excited?!

eat that protein, it's gonna be a long night...

What grade would you give my steak? 



  1. The steak looks great! Also I didn't know there was a Pioneer Woman cookbook!! I'm tellin ya, my Christmas list keeps growing.

  2. That just looks so good!! I'd give it a 10. Don't you love that cookbook? She's working on her 2nd one. Try the tomato basil soup too, it will kill you w/ all that heavy cream, but it's delicious. (also the potato skins--I could go on and on)

  3. Her recipes are definitely not healthy, but everything I've made from her cookbook is delicious! Tomato Basil soup sounds great...