Friday, August 26, 2011

a word to the wise

Happy Friday from Flour! I stopped on my lunch break and picked up my faaavorite flourless triple chocolate mousse cake. It's to die for.

What a sweet way to start off my weekend. Now, if only I could be enjoying this hurricane in St. Augustine, FL with all of my college pals... Hurricane parties are probably near the top of my list of favorite things ever. You should probably go out tonight and get all your supplies, then hunker down and throw a nice little hurricane party. Don't forget to get plenty of water, beer and a deck of cards. Seriously though, be careful everyone. And remember, swimming in the ocean during a hurricane/tropical storm/tropical depression is a BAD idea. In fact, Jim Cantore and I agree that you should probably stay indoors, period.


What is your favorite natural disaster activity?

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