Friday, August 12, 2011

South African Delights and Shoppe Favourites

Last night I finally had a minute free to visit my long lost friend Eileen the Wine Goddess at Cardullo's. For this Tempt Me Thursday, she was tasting South African wines. The first was a 2010 Limestone Chardonnay from the Robertsons region. 2008 Meerlust Stellenbosch region. Both were very fresh and crisp and summery, but I think the Meerlust was my favorite.

Since she was a little occupied with customers (the nerve!), I took her iphone around the store and took some photos of some of my Cardullo's favorites...

1. Cardullo's Raspberry Merlot Balsamic Glaze. I used this quite a while ago as a marinade on a pork tenderloin. It was an amazing flavor, especially in the fall with some root vegetables... mmm.

2. Lake Champlain's Aztec Spicy Hot Chocolate. In the chillier months, Eileen often offers me something hot to sip on when I come into the store. This was the most delicious thing she gave me last winter. Chili pepper + chocolate = heaven. I ask you, is there anything that doesn't mix well with chocolate?

3. Pecorino Tartufo. As if pecornio weren't amazing enough on its own, someone decided to add truffle to it. This cheese is for a special occasion, or when you just need to treat yourself. It's definitely an indulgence. And may I reccomend you taste it with this, also available at Cardullo's.

4. Edmond Fallot Mustards. Last Christmas, I baked a ham and served it on biscuits with Edmond Fallot Honey-Balsamic mustard, and it went over like gangbusters. They have a lot of interesting flavors: Black Currant, Tarragon Dijon, Burgundy, as well as more classic flavors. It would be lots of fun to experiment with these.

Now I am feeling inspired! Maybe I'll have some actual recipes for you this weeknd... I'll work on that.
Happy Friday!


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