Monday, August 22, 2011

"N" is for...

Nectarine Salsa!

Our blogging sister Nicole specifically requested that I make something beginning with the letter 'N' on Saturday, hours after I was at Star Market, tasting a sample in the produce department and thinking, "MMmm! I should make this!" Then I came home and saw Nicole's special request. I had purchased a beautiful piece of cod, which incidentally, goes perfect with a fruity-spicy salsa. Coincidence?
So tonight, I mixed it right up, threw my fish on the grill pan, Sanne made some Fried Green Tomatoes, and we watched some trash TV and drank a little vino. Perfect-o!

I'll give you the recipe as it was given to me, but I'm telling you now, I had to tweak it. Not measuring is the way to go with this one. The recipe calls for:

1 1/2c chopped nectarine
1 jalapeno, seeded and chopped
1/2c finely chopped red onion
2t chopped mint
1T evoo
1T fresh lime juice

I followed the recipe, and it wasn't nearly enough. The card said that this was 6 servings, but it was probably more like 4. I doubled-ish it. I put a little on top of the grilled fish, and we ate the rest with tortilla chips. It was delicious.

*side note* I tasted one teeny piece of diced nectarine and my throat started to close up. Do any of you have a birch pollen allergy? If yes, aren't our tongues dumb?! My throat swelled up after one tiny taste, and I was p.o.ed. Luckily, a little lime juice and olive oil was enough to fake it out. Stupid tongue.

I decided to ribbon chop the mint, which means you stack the leaves in a nice little pile, roll them and chop.

For fried green tomatoes, simply slice your tomatoes...

Dip them in egg, then flour + cornmeal mixture and fry in oil.

Don't forget to salt them when they're done.

Good stuff. This is a great summer side dish! Thanks, Nicole, for suggesting it!
Fruity-salsas are fun to make. Do you have any favorites?? C'mon, I have some leftover mint that I need to use!

Oh! After I mentioned pickling yesterday, a blog that I follow, budget bytes posted a recipe for pickled carrots! Thoughts?



  1. that's a great idea for fish and it looks pretty too. Yum.

  2. Yay!! I feel honored, thanks!! I'll have to try this as well!

  3. Yumm!! Maybe we will do this next time Blair catches a fish! I love fruity salsa, especially mango. And those fried green tomatoes look awesome!