Thursday, April 21, 2011

therapy baking

Today was one of those days for me. You know what I'm talking about... The kind of day where everything goes so wrong and everyone is so rude and its so cold outside and the elevators are so broken and the bus leaves without you and you just want to lock yourself in your room so that you don't accidentally punch the face of the next person that looks at you wrong. You know? Maria aka my Boston Mom finally said to me: "Mandi, go home." when I told her I was about to burst into tears because I was so frustrated.

So I am home. After a quick detour to Cardullo's for a personal wine tasting from Eileen, I am taking a page from Sanne's book, and am going to try therapy baking. I just hope it doesn't backfire on me like my usual baking adventures.

I started with last night's pizza dough recipe and substituted whole wheat flour for all purpose flour, and mixed some fresh chopped basil into the dough. This dough is very pliable, and really didn't need to rise.

I halved this recipe, because how much pizza does one really need in their refrigerator at once? (rhetorical) I topped this one with chopped onions, sun-dried tomatoes, honey goat cheese, mixed greens and balsamic vinegar.

(I realized after I took these, that the mixed greens can't bake on the pizza that long, or they'll dry out. If you added them already, take them off and then throw them back on with a drizzle of olive oil during the last 5-10 minutes or so of baking.)

Bake for 25-30 minutes.

I have to admit, I felt much better after kneading that dough. I'm starting to understand this whole baking-as-therapy approach. Pound flour, not elevator buttons (or your coworkers' faces).

Have a great day!


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