Friday, April 15, 2011

Great Depression Cooking

A friend of mine introduced me to this adorable lady's cooking show on youtube, and I am in love. I thought I'd switch things up tonight, and cook one of her recipes.

How cute is she?! I love her story about roller skating.

So for these fried mushrooms, you will need:
an onion-- I found an old one, but not as old as Clara('s)
some vegetable oil
tomato sauce

and I am adding:
fresh basil
a little garlic
crushed red pepper
more tomato sauce

No measurements. She is a cook after my own heart: "Use your common sense. I don't measure nothin'."

I love recipes with less than a couple ingredients. Italian cooking does that really well. Flavors don't have to fight with each other... And as simple as this is to make, I bet Clara's is so much better.

Some exciting things have been happening in FeDishland!

1. Sanne attended the Cupcake Camp this week! She'll be giving you her much-awaitied Coconut-Pineapple cupcakes very very soon! (maybe tomorrow?)

2. My friend Eileen (aka The Wine Goddess of Cambridge) and I have been talking about joining forces. Hopefully we'll have some details regarding a FeDish treat + wine pairing for you soon!

3. Finally, a new question for you. I'm looking into getting some business cards made. I'd like to come up with some titles for Sanne and myself. Essentially, a clever way to say "the cook" and "the baker". Any ideas?

and since we both write in the first person, I'll be signing my posts...


  1. Oh my goodness, she's so cute! I love the little face she did after she tried the mushrooms. Love it!

  2. She's just as cute as a button...reminds me so much of Nany McKenzie. She used to cut up things in her hand, rather than using a cutting board and she stirred things slowly like that too. Don't you just love her kitchen and all the doo-dads and radio, etc.. oh yeah, and the owl!!