Tuesday, April 19, 2011

traditioooon, tradition.

I've been scouring the cookbooks, blogs and magazines in search of the perfect combination of Easter Brunch recipes, and I think we may have it all worked out. I'm really excited to start cooking, and for you guys to see how it turns out.

Maybe it's because I'm the oldest sibling, but the making and keeping of traditions is very important to me, more so now. Lately I've been thinking about holiday traditions. For my family it was always: a turkey sandwich picnic for Thanksgiving, Hoppin' John on New Year's Day, and this bunny cake every Easter:

We would also always get a new dress and shoes to wear to church. I will never forget my favorites-- the purple Sam & Libby's with the big giant bow on them.

kind of like these

Anyway, back to the food. Have any of you ever read delicious Magazine? The issue out now had so many beautiful photos that I had to buy it, even if it was $9.

Several of our Easter Brunch items are coming from that issue, and 1 from the website. Check it out. You'll have to convert the measurements, though, they're metric. Here is a collection of their Easter recipes.

I was thinking, Sanne's cupcakes would be a nice addition to your menu, and would work nicely as a cake, too. With an arrangement of the pineapple flowers on top? Try it and send us pictures. We'll give you a prize if you do.

What about you, any Easter/Passover traditions? What are you going to cook?



  1. i like the new layout

  2. Tsoureki! And of course, egg fights. You could be really traditional and only dye your eggs red...

  3. I haven't even THOUGHT about what I'll cook for Easter :/ Last year we were invited to friends' so I didn't have to think about it. Now it has really snuck up on me. BTW, is it possible to get a recipe list going on this blog? So if I'm looking for something particular I don't have to scroll through all old posts? Just a thought. But I love the new design! And I love you two.

  4. That's a great idea. I'll work on that...