Sunday, April 24, 2011

Best Meal of the Day

There is nothing better than a Saturday morning. The world is quiet and still, the light is soft and you have an entire day of possibilities ahead of you. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee and a piece of toast or as elaborate as a 4-ingredient casserole. Whether all alone with a newspaper, or with your 5 closest friends, breakfast isn't so much about the food you eat, but the way in which you eat it.

Breakfast is the best meal of the day.

Ask any 10-year old boy what his favorite subject in school is and 10 bucks says his answer is lunch. I'll go further and say, I dare you to find something more satisfying than a beautifully assembled sandwich. The right bread, the perfect meat, and an array of crisper-drawer favorites topped with the best condiment (Mustard, period.), and you have a meal fit for Liz Lemon. If everyone in the world ate a big club sandwich with a pickle on the side for lunch every day and washed it down with an ice cold glass of milk, we might have a better shot at peace on earth, good will toward men.

Three cheers for lunch!

Wow your girlfriends, win over your mother-in-law, make up with your boyfriend: Dinner time is your time to shine. You aren't confined by the science of baking. Your right brain gets to lead the way! You can taste as you go, experiment with new techniques and ingredients, or change things up on a whim. Creativity rules. You can try on other cultures, remind someone of home, offer with condolences after a death or with support after a new baby. Above all other meals, dinner might be the greatest form of self expression and love.

I [pasta] you very much!

We sing around birthday cakes, we scream for ice cream, we cry over pints of Ben & Jerry's, we go door to door begging for candy. No other meal of the day evokes more emotion than dessert. If future civilizations were to study our culture based on the food we eat, dessert would be our stone tools or clay pottery. Whether you take the healthy route or choose to indulge, the whole purpose of this unassuming little meal at day's end is to make you smile. That's it.

Thank you, dessert :)

What's your favorite meal of the day?


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  1. Too difficult to decide between breakfast and dessert... I love them equally!