Saturday, May 7, 2011

sandwich rules

There are two constants when it comes to me and sandwiches:

1. When ordering a sandwich in a restaurant, the one with avocado is always the winner.
2. In regards to lunch, I am a creature of habit.

Case in point: My junior year of college, I ate the same sandwich for lunch every day for the better part of a year. Then one day, I took a bite and went: "Yuck." And I haven't had it since.

Fast forward to today. I wandered into the market at Harvard square and low and behold, came face to face with her:

Annie's Goddess dressing! The dressing from the sandwich of '03! I was so happy to see her! I stopped at Star on my way home to pick up the rest of the gang and had my favorite Whitehead Manor Sandwich for lunch. It's pretty simple. You'll need:

chicken breast tenderloins (I made a small sandwich, so I only used one)
crusty bread (today I opted for Rosemary and Olive Oil)
Annie's Goddess dressing (usually in the organic foods aisle)

Toast the bread, sauté the chicken in a little oil and then load the stuff on there. That's it. If you want to recreate my college experience, eat it while watching Dawson's Creek reruns on TBS and then find an Italian sculptor to talk to you for about 50 minutes about art of the 17th century. If you have one of those big fat sharpies lying around with the cap off, that's good too.

Some variations: top with some shredded carrot, throw everything in a pita pocket, use turkey instead of chicken (but why would you do that?).

They say that smell is one of your strongest memory senses. I think food memories might be just as strong. Is there a food that instantly takes you to another place in your mind when you taste it?


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  1. This is the best sandwich ever! i remember making it all the time! We sell that stuff at Pub, I should buy some.