Saturday, May 28, 2011

We're back!

I guess we should have told you not to expect a new post for a bit, as we were in Florida soaking up every bit of sun that our poor infant New England skin could take, and then some. But we're back now, with about 9,000 pictures from our vacation. Some of them even have food in them, so we'll give you a pictorial summary, with some babies for good measure...

Publix: the happiest pace on earth

Michael and Mandi, makin' a pie
Marilyn, enjoying a Publix cookie
Dana & Crystal made delicious calzones for dinner
a Pack favorite
Sangria. Tell us your favorite recipe... (no, don't)

Sonny's sweet tea, use both hands
we would have been happily raptured after this meal...
cakes by Mary and Sheldon
The Cake Monster strikes again
kid-tested, Cake Monter approved
Anthony, fashionisto
I mean no disrespect, but Publix has nothing on us...

...the same goes for you, Martha Stewart
Lady Maya

Les <3 s Marilyn...
Challenge - Encourage
babies talking to other babies in baby-voice = one of my favorite things
we may be biased, but Florida beaches are the best in the universe

-m & a


  1. I love the Comee's! Looks like you guys had a great time...I'm excited to make my way back to St. Augustine in a month too :)

  2. I love this post! Especially Publix! And the cakes!

  3. this is the best ever.

  4. Sanne,
    Everything about this post makes me homesick. You, the Comees, Sonny's, Publix.

  5. I miss you so Julie! It's been so long!