Sunday, May 29, 2011

crab cakes and lemonade, Paula Dean-style

All it took was a look at Nicole's blog to decide what we were having for dinner last night. Crab cakes. Actually, she had fried oysters, but at first glance they looked like crab cakes and so that's what I decided to make. Crab cakes.

I looked around the internets for some ideas and found a tasty sounding one from Ina Garten, but quickly decided on Paula Dean's instead when I saw how much simpler it was. I pretty much stuck to the recipe, but added some corn, parsley and an extra egg or two when the mixture was way too crumbly. Have any of you ever made crab cakes before? How do you get them to stick together? I put the rest of the mixture in the freezer, so next time I make them, I can just slice them off of a log and hopefully, they will stick. Ugly as they were, they were pretty dang good.

Oh yeah, and I used half real crab meat, half imitation (which is part real crab meat, part Alaskan something or other, and about $5 cheaper). I couldn't really tell the difference.

bread crumbs

Form into a ball and lightly dust with flour. Then fry in a little oil on medium heat until brown, about 5-ish minutes on each side.

We had our crab cakes with a dill-greek yoghurt sauce that Alyssanne made. 

Keeping with the Paula Dean theme, Sanne whipped up some fresh lemonade from the dozen lemons life handed us hanging out in the fridge. 

mmmm, I forgot how much I like lemonade...

We finally got some beautiful weather here in Boston, and with it comes open windows, dragging fans up from the basement and packing away winter clothes. I'm really excited to use fresher ingredients, do some grilling and experiment with different summer salad ideas.

What are you looking forward to cooking/eating now that summer is here/coming?


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  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love Ina but even though she claims her recipes are "simple" I still haven't braved one. The crab cakes look great!