Monday, May 30, 2011

Le T'art

A couple of months ago, I went into Cardullo's in Harvard Square for my weekly visit/wine tasting with Eileen. This particular Friday, there was another tasting going on. Fruit T'arts!

Linda's fruit tarts became so famous among her friends, that she finally took their advice and packaged it. She guarantees that her tarts are so easy, anyone can make them and they will always turn out spectacular. All you have to do is add a stick of butter, two eggs and a pint of your favorite fruit. 

She brought with her blueberry and peach tarts for tasting. She was so convinced that I would love it, and I didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't a fan of fruit-y desserts and definitely not a baker, so I tried it. I was wrong. It was delicious. I bought a package of her mix and told her I would try it out and blog about it. Then I got busy with school, went on vacation, and finally mixed it up today. Let me tell you, the pressure was on. But here's how it went down:

We had some frozen remnants in the freezer; just enough blueberries and raspberries for a tart.

just three ingredients

1 stick of cold, cubed butter

I decided to add some orange zest

pretty batter

spread batter into a tart pan, layer fruit on top

bake at 350 for  about 1 hour

let it cool, enjoy
Russo's carries T'art mix, as well as a few other local stores. For more information, check out Linda's website (click the link above).

The combination of the orange zest and berries was really good. And if we're being honest here, I might have tossed a few chocolate chips at the end. Most importantly, it really is easy to make, especially for those with an aversion to baking. This tart would be perfect to bring along to any of your upcoming BBQs! You were right, Linda!

On another note, I think one of the tests of a successful meal is how good it tastes the following day. Today, I had a leftover crab cake sandwich for lunch...

it was delish

...and a pasta salad with tomatoes, cucumber, green bell peppers, parsley and italian dressing. There's some s+p and a dash of cayenne pepper for a kick. I'll add chicken to it later.

A Happy Memorial Day and a special thank you to all those who have fought and sacrificed for our freedom!



  1. mm that tart looks good. is it considered breakfast or dessert tho?

  2. I say BOTH! It looks yummy. Also, thanks-will add the kick next time to my pasta salad.

  3. Thank you mandy - I hope I linked this right!