Friday, July 1, 2011


Can you guess what I'm baking?

Don't know? How about now...

Yeah! zucchini bread! I never had zucchini bread growing up. This is something Sanne introduced me to last year. It was so amazing, I thought I'd give it a whirl. I found a recipe on that made two loaves. I halved it, and substituted wheat flour for white. Easy!

If you don't feel like clicking on the link above, you're a visual learner or my mom, I will now show you exactly what I did.

Sift the dry ingredients: 1 1/2c flour, 1/2t salt, 1/2t baking powder, 1/2t baking soda, 1 1/5T cinnamon.

In a separate bowl, beat together 1 1/2 egg, 1/2c sugar, 1/2c vegetable oil, 1c sugar, 1 1/2t vanilla extract. Then add to dry ingredients.

Grate about 1c zucchini and fold into batter. 

Now I'd like to direct your attention to this little device. This is a nut chopper straight from the 70s. My mom had one when I was little (and still has it, in fact). I mentioned it a few months back and she tracked down the company, which is still making these things, and sent me one. Its funny how some things get better and more advanced with time, and others, no matter how many variations come out, just work because they are so simple. That's good design, folks.

As I was saying, add 1/2c chopped walnuts.

Fold it together, pour it in your greased & floured loaf pan, and bake for 1 hour at 325 degrees.

While my bread's baking, I thought I'd put the zucchini remnants to good use...

That's zucchini, sweet italian sausage, tomato, mushrooms, parmesan, oil and balsamic vinegar.

And now, the main event...

This is a really good recipe, not too sweet and perfectly moist. It would be interesting to make it more on the savory side... any ideas?

Besides the walnut chopper, there are a few other kitchen accessories that I remember in my mom's kitchen growing up, like this groovy tupperware. It makes me happy that some of them have survived over the years. What about you guys? 



  1. This makes me want to bake some AND use my chopper too! Pizza looks yummy.

  2. Love that Tupperware! Brings back so many memories of taking my lunch to school in those boxes. I always felt a little uncool, but kudos to my mom for minimizing waste before it was fashionable! *Kelli

  3. LOVE zucchini bread. Also, zucchini muffins. Which is zucchini bread in muffin tins. Sometimes with chocolate chips. I invented that. -Elizabeth

  4. E- I was thinking this morning, that it would be really tasty with a little chocolate in it. But then, would it still be breakfast? I always feel weird having chocolate at breakfast time.