Friday, July 29, 2011

"Bon Appétit!"

I haven't identified the smell coming from our refrigerator yet... let alone cooked anything out of it, as you could probably tell from my last post. Life has been so nuts, I was beginning to wonder when I would ever have time to cook again. But THEN, my sister's best friend texts me on her way to Boston last night: "I really think it would be awesome if we could possibly have a dinner party at your place Saturday?" I accept! Now I have half a day to clean my disaster of a house (our bathroom just got re-painted, finally), figure out a menu and go shopping.

For some reason, I started thinking about Julia Child and my Mastering the Art of French Cooking that I bought on Amazon and have yet to crack. We've done many an Italian themed-dinner, tacos galore, Indian, Southern and everything in between. But I've never done any French cooking! So I finally cracked that book. French cooking is slightly intimidating. I think its because there are so many steps, and it seems so time consuming. I noticed that a few of the recipes had instructions spread over a couple of days. Julia Child was a patient woman.

Then there's Amy Adams...

Okay, that's weird, Amy Adams. Also, the way you say "boeuf bourguigion" makes me a little queasy.

Anyway, what if we had a French supper tomorrow night? Which of Julia Child's recipes do you think I should try?

There is, of course, the classic: Boeuf Bourguigion
The dish with a gazillion steps. The one that took so long to cook, Amy Adams slept through her egg timer and it burned. Eep.


Or, I could go the sweet route: Crepes Fourrees, Frangipane (Crepes with Almond Cream)
Looks like a Boston Cream Doughnut.

photo cred:

Baked Spinach Gratin with Cheese
This one looks amazing. However you vote, I will make this...

Sanne made this a couple years ago, and it was soooo delicious. She made a different version of it; it was a stew. I remember it was an especially gross and snainy day in December, the kind that only a hearty stew can cure. 

I'd like to try this version. It reminds me of the Disney movie, it's so pretty.
It's hard not to pull all of Smitten Kitchen's Julia recipes. She's such a great food photographer.

Lobster Thermador
Dare I?

oh, suck it up, Amy Adams.

Supremes de Volaille aux Champignons (Chicken Breasts with Mushrooms and Cream)

I like how colorful this one is. And I honestly can't remember the last time I had peas... hmm...
Alright, I think I'm finished chastising Amy Adams, and I've given you plenty of options. What do you think? Is there another Julia recipe that I should check out? Have you ever tackled anyyourself?


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  1. Frangipane! Soooooooooo good.