Saturday, May 5, 2012


Every Friday, for the past 8 months or so, Maria and I have gone to Seiyo on Washington Street for lunch.

Our waitress is Yennie. She doesn't give us menus (in fact, a few of the cooks call me "Volcano girl"), and if we miss a Friday, she yells at me the following week: "Where were you Friday?! I miss you when your gone!!"

A couple weeks ago, I told her I was moving. When I told her where she asked, "Ooooh, you like the Jaguars?!" She then told me about how she liked them, but the coach was no good, because "He don't know how to win games!" I thought it was so hysterical that she had so much to say about the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

our order

I would have never pegged Yennie as a football fanatic. But now, I can just imagine her jumping up and down, screaming at the TV...

When I showed her this picture she said, "Oh my God, I am so beautiful."
I am going to miss you, Yennie!


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