Sunday, February 13, 2011

Big Breakfast 4.0

After another successful theme party, we were in need of a Big Breakfast. I came across this blog the other day, and her brunch looked so beautifully delicious, I had to try it out. We haven't tackled the lemon pull-apart bread yet. But we definitely will. Today we made the potato-andouille dish and some blueberry streusel muffins.

The first thing you do is caramelize some onions. I used about 1 1/2, and I tossed in a teaspoon-ish of sugar, to help along the process. Cook them on med-low heat. The potatoes take for-ev-er to cook, so you don't want these onions to caramelize too quickly.

Thinly slice some Andouille sausage and bake it at 350. We used this smoked chicken sausage from Trader's. It has a nice kick to it, which went very well with everything else...

Oh, potatoes. You slow everything down. Our advice is to nuke these in the microwave or even boil them in some water until they are just about tender and then broil them. Anything to make them cook faster. We didn't do that today, and spent most of the morning waiting on them. 

Toss them with some olive oil, minced garlic, rosemary and chili powder and then stick them in the oven.


When the sausage, onions and potatoes are all finished, toss them all together. Throw in some fresh arugula or spinach (we used spinach), a little cheddar cheese and season with salt and pepper.

Toss until the spinach is just wilted, and top with a fried egg, over easy.

These pictures don't even do it justice, it's that good. Please, please try it.

pretty table

pretending to be summer.

Rajiv: "Sujoy, you are an alcoholic and a womanizer."
Sujoy: "I am not a womanizer. Eff you, man!"

Live fast, die young and leave a good-looking corpse.

Maybe its because I am not a baker, but I am truly impressed that Sanne can whip up these muffins in no time without a recipe. Is that something that everyone should be able to do? I mean, she didn't memorize a recipe, she just knew how much of everything needed to go in the bowl. And then: "Hmm, I think I'll add a streusel on top..." Um, okay, you have that in your brain, too?

no big deal.

Streusel is just flour, brown sugar, cinnamon and very cold butter, cut in pieces and mixed together. Sprinkle the mixture on your muffins before you bake and, BAM. Streuseled. Also, it is very difficult to say streusel without a German accent. At least for me it is.

If you need an awesome blueberry muffin recipe to add to your repertoire, just ask and Sanne will post it.   Check back tomorrow for details on our red-themed Chinese New Year party. 


  1. Yyumm.... The breakfast was delicious!! ...and Rajiv was @ his wise-cracking best this morning?

  2. i am sitting here reading this in my sad little cubicle at work. my morning tea and cereal do not compare to this feast. so sad. i need something strueseled stat.

  3. p.s. anonymous = rita