Monday, February 28, 2011

Israeli Cooking Class! Challa!

I recently came across a friend of a friend who offers personalized cooking lessons. Upon looking over his class offerings, Sanne and I decided that Israeli cooking is just the thing that is missing from our collective repertoire. Sam Feller offers lessons on all kinds of menus such as brunch, pasta, Spanish tapas (which we would like to try next...), among others. 

Sanne and I were both surprised at how accessible tonight's menus were. None of the ingredients would require a separate trip to a special store. And as I had never tried Israeli cooking before, it was really nice to learn to cook simple recipes that are enjoyed every day in Israel, that I can easily incorporate into my cooking. Everything was so light and fresh too, which we also loved.

Round 1 was a few smaller dishes that are typically served for breakfast. SO much better than a bagel & cream cheese that sits in your stomach for hours.

Round 2: Appetizers and the main dish. While we made pita bread and Sam showed us an appetizer...

Israeli Pitza

Homemade Pita

The main dish was eggs poached in a deeeelicious tomato sauce. This was a bit similar to the eggs poached in spinach that I made a few weeks back. It's the perfect go-to when you have nothing to eat. We will be keeping a can or two of crushed tomatoes on hand from now on. This was definitely our favorite!
we're egg people


Our teacher, Mr. Sam

We aren't going to share any specifics of the recipes with you today. You're going to have to take the class to get them. If you are in the Boston area, we highly recommend taking a lesson from Sam. He does a really good job at personalizing a lesson to your interests and teaches some interesting facts and useful cooking tips as you go.


  1. mmmmm, i like that pitcha of sanne and sam :)

  2. what a cool thing to do! I checked out his website and that's such a great idea. Looks like ya'll had a great time and learned a whole lot.

  3. so are you getting better at not having panic attacks when you cook now that youre a professional?

  4. sa-ba-ba. Did you learn that most important word?