Saturday, February 5, 2011

The More You Know...

You probably didn't know this, but we are a part of a webring. What that means is that our blog is totally legit and official. It's called Boston Food Bloggers. The girl who runs it, Rachel has just put together a Red Velvet list, which is exactly what it sounds like. A list of Red Velvet recipes, including one from yours truly, FeDish. There is definitely a Red Velvet Chicken Wings recipe on that list, which one of you might have to try and let me know how it turns out, because I can't do it. She also has an index of Mac & cheese recipes and cookie recipes. If Sanne and I don't have what you're looking for, one of our Boston Blog-siblings might. Check them out!

I went to an event the other night with Josh, hosted by Seamlessweb and BFB at The Landsdowne Pub. It was conveniently located near BU, where I have been taking a class on Thursday nights. There was free food, open bar and a raffle. It was a lot of fun and I won $100!! I think I have really good raffle karma; I have won a few of them in my life. Josh wanted to come up with a blog for himself, so that he could attend more of these events. What do you think of "Bloggers: They're Just Like Us!" It's like that section of US Weekly, where they print pictures of celebrities drinking milk out of the carton and crossing the street without a walk signal, except its bloggers! Pretty great, hu? Maybe he can test it out on this blog and see how it goes over with you people. Anyway, enough of that, on to the good stuff.

These pizzas.

#1 Leftover soup chicken (it wasn't in the soup), caramelized red onions, red peppers and monterey jack cheese.

 #2 Chicken, caramelized red onion, honey garlic barbecue sauce, smoked mozzarella.

Some other things worth mentioning...

We are going to try to switch things up by adding a survey question every week, and then cooking or baking something special from the results. Today is your last day to vote on what food-movie we will cook from this week. As of now, it looks like Fried Green Tomatoes is on the menu, but that could change.

Also, You may have but probably haven't (since I just put it up) noticed the new widget on the bottom of the page. I had lots of fun playing around with it this morning. It's a slot machine of sorts that shows you different restaurants in different areas in different prices ranges. If you aren't in Boston, change the location to your city and see all the different restaurants in your area. Click on the arrow next to the restaurant name to get reviews from food writers on We know we will be using this handy tool to find new places to eat. 

That's all I've got for you today. You've got a lot to think about... Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments section. Thank you. 

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  1. you make the best and most creative pizzas!!