Monday, February 14, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

I always thought it would be fun to throw a Chinese New Year party. This year, I finally got around to it. The theme was red (Chinese red, not Valentine's red). During the 11th hour, I remembered that I don't own anything red, so I just threw on some red lipstick and called it a day. 

The food is the important part anyway. Josh came over a bit early to light 700 red tea lights and save my rice sticks. Have any of you ever made these?

 I never cook Chinese food. Whenever I get a craving for it, its for the greasy take-out hangover kind. So we cooked these noodles and then tossed them in the wok with some Asian seasonings, but it was still on the bland side and very, very sticky. Josh brilliantly read the cooking recommendations on the package and it suggested tossing it in a homemade dressing of sauteed garlic, onions, red pepper flakes, sesame oil and rice wine. So we did that and they turned out great! I served it straight out of the wok, which was a nice touch (Thanks, Eileen!).

My pre-party fortune... If you've ever been to one of our parties, you know just how appropriate this is.

Along with the noodles, we had some TJ's pot stickers, lettuce wraps with Dijon soy sauce from Elizabeth and an Indian chicken-potato patty made by Ann. We're working on getting the recipe from her. And believe me, you want it, they were really good. Also, a big ol' bag of fortune cookies. 

ladies in red
Happy Year of the Rabbit to you! What's your Chinese zodiac animal? Sanne is a rooster, I'm a dog. Figgaro is a tiger. Do you have any Chinese New Year's Resolutions? Yeah, me neither. What should our next theme party be?

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