Tuesday, December 7, 2010

You too, Tommy!

It's time to play my favorite game! That's right! The "we haven't been to the store in two weeks, now what's for dinner?" game! The answer is b) flatbread pizza. Duh. It's always b.

I went to the store just to buy the flatbread, nothing else. I did this on purpose, because it really is my favorite game. I didn't even have any herbs, which is risky, but I am up for the challenge.

My friend Elizabeth had never seen It's A Wonderful Life (?!), so she came over to string some cranberries and popcorn, rustle up some pizza, and get her Jimmy Stewart on (That wasn't supposed to sound dirty).

caramelized onions

hot Jimmy Dean

fancy pecorino
Pizza No.1: spinach, goat cheese, sliced apples and the most amazing balsamic vinegar evaaaarrrrrr.

Pizza No.2: Onions, sausage, pecorino. A really great combination, really.

Samuel Adams Winter Classics. I went for the Old Fezziwig, Elizabeth had the Holiday Porter. Both are so good.

Especially in a fancy glass.

It's about the aromatics, you see.

Oh, and if you can watch this movie without shedding a single tear, then your heart is probably two sizes too small.

Next time I'm going to give you a couple of holiday party favorites as requested by Jennifer and maybe something sweet from Sanne.

In the meantime, what's your favorite Christmas movie? And, I still really want to hear from you guys about holiday drinks!


  1. Favorite holiday drinks: wassail, mulled wine.

  2. No matter what, you always have Jimmy Dean.

    "I nominate the Grinch!" whatsthatfrom?

  3. Favorite movie "White Christmas"

    can you make custard for a holiday drink?? i'd like to see it made in steps! it's absolutely delish and think you'd like making it too!