Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hey friends. I'm trying to keep up with this, I swear! But it's hard! Holidays are craziness.

I thought today I would talk about Christmas cookies. Next week, my sisters and I are throwing our 2nd Annual Cousin Christmas Cookie Bake-Off. Basically, we elf ourselves away in the kitchen all day with our little cousins Zach and Amanda, baking about 6 different types of cookies, which we then pack into festive little tins to give to their parents, grandparents, etc. Last year we were pretty ambitious. This year I'm thinking K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, stupid. Great advice, hurts my feelings every time.

white chocolate peppermint bark
gingerbread men
chocolate peanut butter balls
sugar cookie sandwiches

I'll post pictures and recipes from 2ACCCBO, which is next Thursday. And I'll try to give you a few ideas this week for holiday party appetizers. I meant to document our party this past Saturday, but I was working solo on this one and was busssssy. Everything turned out great, though. I did get a few pictures, which I will share.

What about you guys, you've been awfully quiet. Any thoughts?  What are your favorite Christmas treats?


  1. I will gladly share my family's baklava recipe, I think I'm making some soon and I'll send you some pictures too.

  2. Perfect! You can be a guest blogger!