Monday, December 6, 2010

so this is Christmas...

Once again, We must apologize for the lack of posts. Like everyone else, the days following Thanksgiving were full of leftovers, and feeling like staying away from the kitchen for a bit. Now that we are onto Christmas tree decorating and carol singing, my mind begins to shift towards holiday party appetizers and festive cocktail recipes.

Next weekend, I (Mandi) will be hosting a holiday party! I've been thinking about all the different goodies I could make... it's hard narrowing the list down! I think I've decided to limit myself to a honey-baked ham with a few of the fixin's, and leave the rest to my party guests.

I am much more comfortable with a ham than a turkey, My dad always requested it, so it's something I've made more than a few times, since I inherited the Thanksgving cooking. The recipe is super easy and so good! I'm thinking of pairing it with some biscuits and gourmet mustards for sandwiches (Real Simple's idea, not mine).

I'll probably do the baked brie again, since it was such a hit. So all that's left is the signature cocktail. Any ideas? What do you guys like to drink during the holidays? Oh, and if you're around next Saturday night, please feel free to stop by!

p.s. Sanne made a Bourbon Maple Pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving. If you ask real nicely, I'm sure she'll share the recipe!

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