Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1 stick of butter + 56 more sticks of butter = Diabetes

By now you have probably heard the shocking news. Paula Dean has type 2 diabetes. I know, I can't believe it either. In honor of the Queen of Booder and Awl, we have decided to fry up some pickles and whip up a big ol' bowl of mac & cheese y'aaaawwwwwwwllll.

To be honest, we were talking about making macaroni and cheese with the white truffle oil we bought the other day, and today's breaking news made it seem rather serendipitous.

I made the m&c the same way my mom does, by mixing cheese, pasta, milk and an egg together and baking it. We used Vermont cheddar and Muenster and mixed in some bacon and about 1/4t truffle oil.

Toward the end of baking, I topped with some breadcrumbs...

Sanne fried up the pickles, which turned out pretty awesome.

This process is fairly easy but definitely messy. Three bowls, one with beaten egg, one with flour, s&p, and red pepper flakes and the third with bread crumbs. (next time I will try cornmeal...) Dredge pickle spears through each bowl and set in hot oil. Cook just until crispy and brown on each side. A few minutes at best.

a little crushed red pepper in the flour

The only thing I would do differently for the macaroni is to make a creamier cheese sauce separately. Otherwise, the flavor was great! Also, Sanne vows on Paula Dean's arteries that she will perfect the frying of the pickle technique. And next time we will have some sort of dipping sauce to go with. Amazingly, besides an array of mustards (5, to be exact), we are condiment free...

What do you like to eat fried? What is your favorite Paula-worthy indulgence?



  1. I LOVE fried pickles! But I like them better sliced, chip-style, rather than spears. I also love onion rings, which Phil and are talking about trying. Also, beignets. Truthfully, I enjoy most anything that is available fried :)

  2. I (sanne) have been wanting to try my hand at beignets...perhaps soon!

  3. I just did a shoutout to your blog from my blog. The Pineapple Flowers were a huge hit.

  4. Thanks! I need to do them again. They are time consuming but so worth it!