Saturday, January 14, 2012

eat meat repeat

I'm finally getting back into the routine, and enjoying a quiet Saturday morning at home. I had some leftover quiche and toast with homemade plum jam, a Christmas gift from one of the doctors I work with.

In other news, I made a cooking-related New Year's Resolution. I want to learn how to cook Moroccan food. I have been scouting tagines on the internet and came across this beauty from Williams Sonoma.

Gorgeous, right? I was talking to the guy who makes my favorite sandwich at work, and come to find out, he's from Morocco and is a great cook! He's been giving me some tips, and I told him I'd bring a sample of something once I get cooking. Although I'm a little nervous to have a real Moroccan taste my sad Moroccan food. Hopefully this pretty tagine will boost my confidence and make everything taste better.

In other, other news: MEAT WEEK IS COMING TO BOSTON Y'ALL! For those of you who have never heard of it, Meat Week is just what it sounds like-- a week of eating delicious Southern-style BBQ all week long. Since its humble beginnings in 2005, Meat Week has spread like hot sauce to 20+ cities, and finally, Boston! Lucky us! For more information, check out the website, where you can learn more about the "holiday that time forgot", get a full schedule of Meat Week activities near you, and buy an official t-shirt. I hope to see all of my Massholes there in T-15 days!



  1. Here is a good video on meat:

  2. Thanks for reading!
    (fyi, the link os to a pretty disturbing video about slaughterhouses, but it is narrated by Sir Paul McCartney...)