Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alyssanne had 1 Tablespoon of alcohol...

This is a tipsy review of Russell House in Harvard Square as dictated by Alyssanne to Mandi. And it is as follows:

"Ummm. I had the Last Word. And it had gin in it. Hehehe. And maraschino and lime. And it was very strong. (Come'ere Fig!) We had Beef Wellington. It was good, but I would not get it gain. We had-- what were they? Friendly Shrimp? Where they friendly? Where they snappy? Well, they were delicious, whatever they were. They had arugula and some sauce. We had flat bread-- it was supposed to be a pizza, but it came in two parts-- it was like chips and dip, but with flatbread and mushrooms and really good creamy cheese on the side. The bartender gave you two drinks, because she made up the first one. Your's (the messed up one) was strawberry from Denmark. And then you got your real drink, which was good, but not as good as the first one. And it was-- it was a movie... Sleepy Hollow! So... go to Russell House!"

**This review is brought to you by Teenage Dream, which is stuck in my head, and Alyssanne putting her scarf on Figgaro.


  1. i want more pictures of ricky!!!

  2. who do you think you are, ANonymous??! Show yourself!