Friday, November 5, 2010

20 minute meal

As it turns out, stuffing is not a sufficient meal on its own. So late last night, all cooked out and still a bit hungry, we decided to throw together a quick meal. What could we make that would be fast and satisfying and delicious without cooking, and without eating hot dogs or pb&j for the umpteenth time this week? The answer is pizza.
I've never made my own dough. As you may know, Sanne is the baker around here. Maybe you have a great dough recipe, and keep a ball of it in your freezer. That's great. I like to grab a package of this really delicious whole wheat naan from shaws for 3 bucks. It makes a perfect flatbread pizza.

Like the stuffing, flatbread pizza lends well to throwing together whatever is lying within arm's reach. This time, we had some Jimmy Dean (may he rest) sausage, tomatoes and parmesan cheese. I made this before, and I loved it! The parmesan is nice and salty. And I got the hot sausage, which was perfection. I didn't have any fresh herbs on hand, so I just used dried parsley and oregano.

And there you have it. Alyssane is out of town this weekend, so I will probably be using the other naan tomorrow night. I have a little leftover chicken and some goat cheese, which sounds like pizza to me. 
Do you make your own dough? What about any interesting pizza toppings?

Thank you guys so much for reading our little blog and commenting. We really appreciate it! Please forward our site to your friends, moms and friends' moms. And let us know what you'd like to see next! We're really excited about Thanksgiving Test Kitchen, and would like to do something fun like that once the holidays are over. Any ideas? We could do a bunch of recipes using a certain ingredient, or an around the world theme, or cook through Julia Child's cookbook...

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  1. Mandi, I am still amazed to see you having a beer every night. I remember when you wouldn't even have a glass of wine with us.

  2. I don't have one eeeevery night. We had a party recently and have a lot left over. Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the alcohol for a while. But now I am. :)