Sunday, October 23, 2011

feeding the masses

As the dust settled from what was another successful party, we began the time-honored tradition of feeding the stragglers. Big Breakfast after a party is on my top ten list of Favorite Things in Life, right after Hurricane Parties and just before People Reading Novels and Walking at the Same Time.

We hadn't bought anything for breakfast, so I thought for sure someone would need to go to the store. Silly me, all we needed was a carton of eggs. We got creative with leftovers for everything else.

Apple Wheat Pancakes (Trader Joe's Wheat Pancake Mix + 1 shredded apple)

Baked Eggs w Ham and Green Onion, with green onion from our Witch's Curry

...and sauteed potatoes w onions, from leftover party potatoes

leftover spiders

also, some Zucchini Bread w pecans, better late than never!

We will show you some party pictures (wigs! weenies! witch's curry!) as soon as we finish sorting through the madness. Really, they are ridiculous.

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