Monday, March 19, 2012

top o' the mornin'!

I rarely leave my house on March 17th. I despise crowds. I am not Irish. If you watched 30 Rock this past week, my opinions about this holiday are pretty much in line with Liz Lemon's.  I never celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

So when, at 1pm, I found myself on the train headed downtown, you could have knocked me with a shaleighleigh stick. I'm glad I did, though. There was lots of Irish magic to be had. Starting with...

the view over Kendall/MIT

... learning to tie a double Windsor (I can already tie a single...)

double Windsor all the way...

...and listening to some bagpipes.

Scotland, representing

I hit a couple o' bars with some friends, and after a couple of beers, I felt I had met my St. Patrick's Day quota and headed home to meet Kasia for dinner and a movie. She had never seen one of my favorites, Stranger Than Fiction. 

So we whipped up a simple pasta with seared scallops, and salad w goat cheese and cherry tomatoes.

Halfway through the movie, we were both craving baked goods. Could have something to do with Maggie Gyllenhaal's character's scene describing all the treats she made? So we took a break to make some of the best chocolate chip cookies.

A very pleasant 17th of March if I do say so myself.

What did you do for St. Paddy's?


  1. Totally random, but what recipe did you use for your seared scallops?? Those look amazing. Also LOVE Stranger Than Fiction, always makes me want to bake something!

  2. I just kind of sauteed them in a little oil... like so:


  3. I drank green beer for the first time…

    I was thinking the other day about that time we made seared scallops and eggplant with goat cheese. Remember? Scallops have always been my favorite, and they're so easy! And I'm starting to order eggplant more at restaurants now too. We should try that dinner again!

  4. Green beer I've never heard of such. We should definitely try that dinner again. Actually, I mainly do dinners like that now... ;)