Saturday, November 12, 2011

you guys want some cookies?

This weekend I was in Rhode Island, in back-to-back conferences and conversations about education. It was really awesome, and I made some great connections. But between the schedule and being sick this past week, I was totally drained.

I came home craving soup and a sandwich, and the best chocolate chip cookies. I stopped at the grocery store to grab some necessities, came home and whipped up a totally comforting dinner and desert.

Sage butter is my new favorite thing. A few fresh leaves chopped and sauteed in some butter makes such a delicious difference in those already soul-warming sandwiches. I'm thinking of using it on my turkey this year. For the sandwich, I used monterey jack and some whole wheat bread.

For the cookies, I literally googled "best chocolate chip cookies" and made the first recipe I found. The end.

Now here's some crappy pictures of everything.



  1. I love homemade choc chip cookies. put a piece of bread in with the leftover cookies and it will prevent the cookies from becoming hard and stale.

  2. Oooh, I'll definitely try that! Thanks for the tip!