Friday, September 23, 2011

soups, roots and a busted headlight

It's my birthday weekend! I'm going for my second annual Birthday Celebration in New York, and I'm super excited! After fixing a busted headlight, we are finally on our way. I was planning on catching up on season premieres during my long bus ride. But, unfortunately, video streaming sites are blocked. *sigh* So Parks & Rec and Grey's will have to wait...

Instead, I'm surfing the food blogs and cooking sites, dreaming of all of the autumnal-y things I'm going to cook in the coming months. Even though this summer went by in a flash, I am really looking forward to seeing fall foliage, visiting pick-your-own farms, and the feel of my warm and spicy. Here are a few ideas I'm playing with...

roasted tomato soup with broiled cheddar

If I were to choose a last meal, it would most likely be grilled cheese and tomato soup. This one from smitten kitchen looks like the perfect kick-off for fall. This year, Sanne has a food processor, which makes soup-making much easier. I'm planning on throwing a little grilled cheese & tomato soup party, and I this recipe will definitely make the line-up. 
This one isn't a recipe, but a beautiful collection of mouth-watering food photography. This photo of a roasted cauliflower in cheese sauce was especially inspiring. I've never been much of a cauliflower fan, but this photo is too pretty for me not to try my hand at.
These guys are so much prettier (and healthier) than their freezer-section relatives. Baked instead of fried, unprocessed cheese, these would be great for a party. And how cute are those little stems?
Okay, I'm about to say something controversial. I think pumpkin is a little over-rated and over-done. It's the "put a bird on it" of the food world. However, I would happily add roasted pumpkin to a goat cheese and lentil salad. That sounds good.

barley stew with leeks mushrooms and greens
I'm starting to notice a pattern here: "I'm not much of a ___ person" It must be that growing up in Florida, I didn't really eat seasonally. At least, not in the way that New Englanders do. Since living in Boston, I've really come to appreciate those hearty stews and soups when our window sills are half-convered with snow. Adding barley or quinoa, and a leafy green takes our soups to that next level, making them a meal and warming us to the bone.

caramelized shallots with walnuts
Even though it was January and we were in California, thinking about fall makes me think about these caramelized shallots that we made with Kelli and Phil last year. I think I'm going to make these again soon.

What are you wanting to cook this fall?


  1. Definitely make those jalapeno poppers. Yum. And I'm making vegetarian chili and broccoli cheddar soup!

  2. THANK YOU! I was just telling Phil, fall season is only just starting and I am already tired of all the pumpkin recipes. blehhh And, thanks for the shout out :) Also, why did you take a bus to NYC? We need to catch up.