Thursday, September 8, 2011

muchos años feliz!

Saturday night I went to my other mom's birthday party-- in Dorchester. My supervisor at work, Maria, my Boston Mami had a HUGE surprise birthday party. When I say huge, I mean that she doesn't know how many cousins she has. There are too many to count. When I commented on the crowd, Maria's sister (one of 14) said, "Oh, this isn't even half of the family... a lot of people couldn't make it."

but this monster cake fed all of them

I love that they were able to get this many people (100+) to the house without ruining the surprise. I love that the party started at about 1pm, and they were still cooking, dancing and playing games at 9pm when I left. And I love that I've found another "family" so far from home.

¡Feliz cumpleaños Maria! ¡Te Amo!


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