Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happiness and Cheer

For some reason, this holiday season has felt especially magical. I'm not sure exactly how to explain it, but more often than not, you could find Sanne, Figgaro and/or myself sitting in the living room, enjoying a cup of tea or peppermint hot chocolate, soft christmas music on the radio and the glow of red lights from Herbert, our Balsam fir. And we are content.

I know I promised you batches upon batches of Christmas cookies, and deliciously festive homemade meals, but that just isn't how it went this year. Sanne spent her very white christmas here with Rajiv and his sweet family, watching Christmas movies and eating homemade curry; which I hear was delicious. We're working on featuring a lesson with Rajiv's sister on this site soon...

after the thundersnow

total eclipse of my heart

someone give this girl some sugar cookies! 

Christmas curry

Meanwhile, in hot and sunny Florida, my vacation was spent avoiding the pox upon all my family's houses (including my little cousins), plus running around trying to see everyone I wanted to see. Most of my meals were booked at different restaurants, with different blasts from the past. I got to see almost everyone I wanted to see, and ate almost all the foods I wanted to eat (Publix sub- check, Chick-fil-a- checkcheck). The little bit of cooking I did get to do was at the Hill's Christmas party...

raspberry-honey-pecan brie, as usual
we couldn't decide, so we made two
this one was apricot-horseradish marmalade...

we couldn't wait, so we pre-gamed it

gratuitous food porn 

Madaline and her elves were busy all week making sugar cookies...

... and mint chocolate chip cookies-- what?!

...and peanut butter bars, and rice crispy treats, and baklava

new and old friends

far away friends 
and baby friends

love her

How was your holiday, friends? Did you cook/bake anything special? Did you make any New Years Resolutions? Those of you who have your own blogs, leave us a link in the comments to your own holiday adventures.

Happy New Year!!!

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