Sunday, December 4, 2011

the moon is right, the spirit's up...


Most of you who know me well know that I have a strict "no Christmas between January 1 and Thanksgiving" policy. I know this is probably because growing up, we would wake up on December 26th and there would be no sign of Christmas whatsoever in our house. It could've been July for all we knew. Obviously, this has carried over into adulthood, although I allow it a little longer than my mom did. But now that Christmastime is here, I have shifted from autumn-themed recipes to holiday roasting and baking. I am helping co-host a party next weekend, so this week between finals and papers, I will be looking for some impressive party treats. Any ideas?

I know I promised you a cranberry bread recipe today, but Sanne's got the funk that's been going around. Hopefully she will get to feeling better soon, and it won't continue making the rounds in our house. Susie is still here, however, and he has made us his specialty.

don'tcha wish your roommate was Indian like mine...
our nameless tree

every time a bell rings

Later, I decided to make the apple cheddar bites that I didn't have time for Thanksgiving weekend. Silly me, they took 15 minutes, start to finish. You probably have an apple lying around, some leftover cheese bits from T-day and perhaps some crescent rolls or pastry crust of some sort. Here's what you do with it:

Bam. Leftover recipe #2.

Have you started decorating yet? Any holiday baking plans?


  1. How were the apple cheese things? I'm not too sold on the idea.

  2. They weren't bad! I definitely like the apple crostata better, but these were good for how little time they take to make. And I think they are a nice, sweet, semi-healthier party alternative to pigs in a blanket.

  3. Wait a minute!!!! I'm not scrooge or anything--just always wanted Kelly's birthday on the 27th of Dec to be all about her! You know how you have always heard christmas babies getting their b'day presents in christmas paper, etc?? Never happened here. And, I love your tree, so pretty!

  4. Sorry, I'm not saying you are-- I'm saying I do the same thing now, plus a few days...

  5. Simply, haaaaving, a wonderful Christmastime!!! I love your beautiful specialty, snowflakes! Also, I've been living off apples and cheese so those things look awesome...
    Can't wait till your here!!