Friday, February 3, 2012

oh, hello

Sorry, y'all. School started, tutoring picked back up, I'm still flying solo at work, and some other things and so I have not been cooking lately. It's been mostly grilled cheeses and take out. But I did manage to get in on a little Meat Week action! I met up with my fellow Meat Weekers on Sunday for our innagural meal at Redbones!


bones bowl

I am very sorry to say that I was a wee bit disappointed. Although the fried pickles and jalepenos were excellent, I wasn't crazy about my pulled pork sandwich. The green beans and mac & cheese were kind of boring, too. Also, I think they were trying to put thoeir own New England-y spin on things, but salsa with fried okra is strange. I don't go out for BBQ looking for healthier alternatives to ranch dressing. Oh well. At least the company was good:

Day 2 was held at Smoken Joe's in Brighton. And I love this place. I got there a little earlier than the rest of the group, and got to chat with a few regulars, including Smoken' Joe's wife Wendy. Everyone was super friendly, telling me all about the place, events, and menu recommendations. I split a rack of ribs with a new friend, Ariel and let me just say we took care of business. They had a wide selection of sauces, inspired by several different styles of barbecue, from Texas, to Louisiana to Memphis. Joe and Wendy did their homework, y'all. And they get an A+.

open mic night!

Success!! How did you celebrate Meat Week?

Some other things...

I'm back to having Saturday Big breakfasts. They're so much better now that I have my espresso maker and milk frothier, and now that we know how to make salted caramel to put into these lattes.

These are new at Anthropologie. But couldn't I just paint baby food jars and add a little chalkboard paint? You think? Also, how many of you see things at Anthropologie and think "I could make that..." and take a picture of it so that you can? I do it all the time. How many of those pictures have become actual projects that you've completed? Myself, the answer is a big fat zero...

but I'm totally making these jars.

Finally, my amazing friend Madaline gave birth to TWO beautiful boys this week, with the help and encouragement from her wonderful husband/coach Walter and without any epidural. Rock stars!

Welcome to the world, Dimitri and Abel!

It's been awfully quiet in the comments section lately... what say you, FeDish readers?


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  1. Awww thanks for the shout out! We love you auntie Mandi!